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It needs no restating that Consolidated Credit offers transparent pricing and company information. Equally, the company is available in all states and is great for credit card debt.
Worthy of note is that since 1993, Consolidated Credit has helped over five million people get out of debt. And just like all consolidation companies, they focus on combining credit card debts into one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. And the interest rate is far lesser than what you are currently paying. In this type of credit, customers usually pay 30 to 50 percent lower than their current payments.


The Low Interest Rates

As a matter of fact, most consolidation companies do not reveal their interest rates online or over the phone until they know you are passionately interested. But while Consolidated Credit does not display their interest rates online, they made it obvious to all and sundry that they can get interest rates down to 6 to 10 percent on each credit card. This is just one of many ways that Consolidated Credit is more transparent and simple than others in the industry.

In Terms of Benefits

It is an irrefutable fact that almost everyone who leaves a review of their experience with Consolidated Credit is overly appreciative of the courteous and knowledgeable credit counselors. Without exaggeration, many reviewers are exceedingly delighted with the time it takes to pay off their incurred debts.
• Transparent, Low Interest Rates
• Certified Counselors
• ISO and AICCCA Certificates
• Available in all U.S. States
• Cancel at any time with no Fees


The High Up-front Fees

When compared to other debt consolidation companies, Consolidated Credit has a slightly higher up-front fee – $69. To a large extent and of the companies we reviewed that give out up-front fees; we discovered that the average payment is $56. And this keeping in mind that it is a one-time fee and only slightly higher than what other companies are charging.

With Regard to Negative Reviews
The negative reviews of Consolidated Credit are much more difficult and conspicuous to come by than positive ones. Nevertheless, some concerned customers said they wish they could have an up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive balance of their accounts. One reviewer reported that she had trouble with the payment due each month.


Finally, the Bottom Line

It is apparently a fact that Consolidated Credit is so transparent about who runs the company, their prices, and what states they are available in. And to be candid, to find (in this era) a company that is up-front about all of this information and more, is very rare in the consolidation industry.
Again, one of Consolidated Credit’s certified counselors will be able to give you exact pricing for your unique situation without any fee or charges. But more importantly, we recommend working with Consolidated Credit for any credit card debt you find yourself in.


About Consolidated Credit

For the benefit of hindsight, Consolidated Credit is a true consolidation company that focuses on combining all credit card debt into one monthly payment at a lower interest rate. Judging by the experience of one customer, Consolidated Credit was able to assist a customer consolidate $50,000 of debt on multiple credit cards into one monthly payment and reduce their interest rates from 29 percent to 6 percent. On top of debt consolidation, Consolidated Credit also offers services with regards to budgeting, credit counseling, financial distress, which is apart from life events such as counseling, financial advice, and housing counseling.








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